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Science By The Shore

  • Gulf Shores is such a beautiful place, this time of year is great for a bike ride. Students in Mr. C. Schaff’s Marine Science class took a bike ride to visit Lake Shelby and talk about the important roles wetlands serve for our coastal town. Those services include, buffering storm surge and filtering nutrients and sediments out of our water. It is essential for students to love and advocate for our wetlands to maintain the health of our water ways that we rely on for food and tourism. We also caught some Comb Jellies, did you know that these are NOT jellyfish, instead they belong to the phylum Ctenophora and do not have stinging cells. They are perfectly safe to hold. The coolest part: they glow at night!

  • Dune Restoration Day! With the help of 51 students from Gulf Shores City Schools and volunteers, we have place 403 recycled Christmas Trees on the toe of the dunes that are going to catch windblown sand and build new dunes. These dunes will grow to protect Gulf State Park! Gulf Shores Middle School and High School students are learning how to plant dune plants from Dune Doctors and will teach the 5th graders how to do it tomorrow during the Planting for Protection (P4P) Event. Planting for Protection is Dune Doctors educational initiative designed to raise the next generation of coastal stewards and promote coastal resiliency.
  • The secondary Science by the Shore team spent the morning at the Gulf State Park Interpretive Center learning and planning! SBTS Director, Krista Marcum, led the team through fieldwork in which they sifted sand for microplastics using correct research data collection procedures. The SBTS team is working diligently to develop more opportunities to help students become scientists in our local environment!
  • Thank you, Gulf State Park for hosting Gulf Shores City Schools' Science by the Shore team! We enjoyed learning about the resources available for our students and collaborating on lesson ideas. GSMS science teacher, Anthony Schaff also led the team through model lessons about the characteristics of life in our local ecosystem and various microorganisms within a drop of water from Lake Shelby.


Includes school administrators, teachers, parents, city representatives and a GSBOE member:      

Dr. Stephanie Harrison*
Laura Burke (GSHS)
Tori Erdossy (GSMS)
Krista Fleming (GSHS) *
Caroline Hamilton (GSHS)
Jessica Sampley (GSHS) *

Hilary McKinney (GSES) *
Vicki Miller (GSES) *
Cinithia Moore (GSMS)
Martha Morales (GSMS)
Brittney Reeves (GSMS) *
Carson Schaff (GSHS)
Wil Tuggle (GSHS)
Anthony Schaff (GSMS) *

* Chair