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What is a WaveMaker?  Someone that incites action or activity. 

Elementary School


Kim Pennington

Position: 4th Grade Teacher

Why I'm a WaveMaker: 
Kim Pennington is a tsunami maker!!! She is spectacular in every way! She spends hours researching and planning meaningful lessons for her students. She uses Canvas as her delivery method mixed with up-beat, hands-on delivery of lessons that are sometimes not very high interest. She uses FlipGrid to allow students to get started at different times if they come in late or are absent. Her directions are always clear and easy to follow. She updates her class Facebook account daily with newsletters, announcements, and celebrations of accomplishments and "above and beyond" behaviors.

She makes EVERY.SINGLE.STUDENT know their potential and worth by looking them in the eye, giving them hugs, getting on their level to really SEE them, and even finds time to attend their ballgames, etc. after school hours. She knows their interests and abilities and finds ways to encourage each one!

In addition to her classroom performance, she is serving on the nutrition committee to help our students lead healthier lifestyles. She participated in Science by the Shore and completed her master's degree last year while teaching. She supports our faculty with her positive attitude and willingness to coach, encourage, and lead others to be the best they can. She also led her grade level in their understanding of how to use Canvas and Power Schools.

Kim Pennington is a hidden jewel of our school system! She deserves this recognition although she would never seek it for herself as it is NOT why she does this job. She is in it for the kids-period. I would love to see her celebrated!  
~Stacey Smith - 4th Grade Teacher~

Kim Pennington goes out of her way to make her students feel comfortable in her classroom. She adjusts to their needs to help them learn better. Kim is always available to be a support and advocate for her students at all times. She uses their interests in her planning and encourages each child to explore their talents and skills.
~Mary Margaret Phillips - Elementary Special Services: Gifted Specialist~


Middle School


Mary Nell Strong

Position: Bookkeeper

Why I'm a WaveMaker: 
Mary Nell’s commitment to GSMS students and staff goes far beyond keeping the books and funds in order. She is always ready and willing to support and serve everyone around her. She helps plan, setup, take down, and pull off a variety of school events. She keeps all of us in order with our funding, paperwork, receipting, and lists. Her problem-solving skills are second to none, and she is always ready to help calm you down, think through a situation, and find a solution. We always appreciate her kindness and know our school would not run smoothly without her!

~Brittney Reeves ~ Middle School Instructional Coach, GSCS After School Program Director


High School


Chesley Bowling

Position: Grades 9 and 10-High School Career & Guidance Counseling

Why I'm a WaveMaker: 
Mrs. Bowling is one of the most positive, helpful people that you could have the pleasure of meeting at Gulf Shores High School. She is hardworking, and always has the best interests of her students and fellow workers in mind. Anytime I go to her with a question or a problem, she works until she can help you or give you an answer. I am thankful that she is a part of our school system, and I get to work with her every day.
~Kristen Madsen - Culinary, Hospitality and Tourism, High School Career Tech~

Chelsey is so diligent in her work. She helps both students and teachers stay on top of very important matters. She pushes us and encourages us to do the right thing, the right way and does so in a positive manner.
~Amanda Talantis - Hospitality and Tourism, High School Career Tech, High School World Language ~