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What is a WaveMaker?  Someone that incites action or activity. 

Elementary School


Jennifer O'Donnell
4th/5th Grade ELA and History Teacher

I'm a WaveMaker because...

Mrs. O'Donnell is such a team player. She works diligently to assure she is providing meaningful instruction to cover all the standards in two grade levels while differentiating to meet individual student needs. She willingly shares everything she creates and happily plans together with her team members. She is an inspiration!
~Nominated by Kimberly Pennington~


Middle School


Brittney Reeves
Assistant Principal

I'm a WaveMaker because...

Brittney Reeves goes above and beyond to provide the Gulf Shores City Schools system with the latest and greatest technology and opportunities, ensuring that our students and educators have the tools they need to succeed in today's rapidly changing digital world. From Scuba diving classes to a phenomenal After School Care program, she is always looking for opportunities for our students to have experiences that other schools could only dream about.
She works tirelessly to ensure that our teachers receive the best professional development opportunities and data-digging meetings, empowering them with the knowledge and resources required for their success in the classroom. Moreover, Brittney's approachability and readiness to help others are unparalleled, always offering a piece of candy and a warm smile to brighten your day. Her dedication, leadership, and genuine kindness make her a natural choice for the role of WaveMaker.
~Nominated by Kristen Weaver ~


High School


Kristen Madsen
Culinary Teacher

I'm a WaveMaker because...

Mrs. Madsen stays busy with her culinary students. Most recently, she has been catering the tents at the football games, and from what I have seen and heard firsthand, she is providing the students with a great experience. During the school week, she guides the students from planning the meals, organizing the menus, creating the products, and serving. The different level classes participate based on their expertise. Not only are the students getting a quality educational experience, but the community is also seeing and tasting the fruits of their labor. In addition to her friendly smile and helping attitude at school, she is making waves across the state. Mrs. Madsen was recently recognized as the Alabama ProStart’s 2023 Educator of Excellence. She is making an impact on our students and community.
~Nominated by Brian Sexton~