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What is a WaveMaker?  Someone that incites action or activity. 

Elementary School


Lindsay Taylor


Ashley Weekley

I'm a WaveMaker because...

Lindsay Taylor and Ashley Weekley are the K-Kids Club sponsors at GSES. K-Kids is a worldwide elementary school service organization that helps students discover their passion to serve others, bettering their school and community through serving, and they supervise the K-Kids meeting each week and facilitate conversations among the students to plan and implement several student-led service projects each year. They encourage every K-Kid member to realize they each have the capacity to be a leader. Lindsay and Ashley also spend time after school supervising the multiple student-led service projects in our community. Lindsay and Ashley are deserving of the title "WaveMakers of the Month" for their enthusiastic and tireless dedication in encouraging students to be compassionate student leaders who serve through the K-Kids Club at GSES.
~Nominated by Sara Altmyer~


Middle School


Megan Michaelson
Art Teacher


I'm a WaveMaker because...

Megan is an extraordinary teacher and person! She not only incorporates a wide variety of art techniques and opportunities into her classroom to draw out the artist in all our students - she also seeks out opportunities and experiences outside of the classroom to promote her students and their skills nationally. She works tirelessly to ensure her students know their talents are valued, important, and worth pursuing. Dozens of Mrs. Michaelson's students receive awards or are published each school year thanks to her diligence.

~Nominated by Kenneth Nelson~


High School


Britt Shaw
Teacher/Wrestling Coach

I'm a WaveMaker because...

Coach Brit Shaw is known throughout the state for his impeccable coaching abilities. His wrestling record, which already includes 101 dual wins in his tenure at GSHS speaks for itself. His standard is excellence for his wrestlers and himself. He expects much and rewards much. The team motto is "It We Me." It is the order he wants his team to prioritize wrestling - "It" is the sport; "We" is the team; "Me" is the individual. It isn't something he just preaches; he lives it out. Recently, a school in our 5A area started a brand new wrestling program. They travelled to GS for a duals match and brought fewer than a handful of wrestlers who were dressed in an assortment of football shorts, compression shirts, and tennis shoes rather than the standard singlet, head gear, and mat shoes. Following the match, Coach Shaw and the "Pod" (as the Dolphin wrestling family is called) gathered to collect donations to purchase singlets, head gear, and wrestling shoes for this competitor. Within 24 hours, over $1000 was raised and the gear was ordered and a Christmas gift was sent. Coach Shaw exemplified his motto that it is about the sport first and saw the value of the big picture. He will give credit to everyone else for the success of the team and this gift, but his leadership on and off the mat is what makes him a true Wave Maker.

~ Nominated by Melissa Everett~