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What is a WaveMaker?  Someone that incites action or activity. 

Elementary School

Jennifer McCurdy

I'm a WaveMaker because...

I have worked with 6 bookkeepers, 3 of which I hired, over my 10-year stint in administration and Mrs. McCurdy is one of the best! She is so conscientious of all aspects of the job and serves with a willing attitude to help all. Although we all have personal struggles at time, she comes to work with a smile on her face and a servant’s attitude. She took on our first Dolphin Run-A-Thon planning all pieces of it from the prizes to the race day. It was a huge success! Because of her hard work, we were able to raise $25,000 for our school. Although she never expects it, she deserves a BIG thank you for everything she does behind the scenes to help our school. We couldn’t do it without her and love and appreciate her!
~Nominated by Dr. Alicia Early - Principal~


Middle School

Beth Lawrence

I'm a WaveMaker because...

Beth is an exceptional employee who displays a remarkable attitude. Her interactions with the children are always accompanied by a cheerful disposition, and she takes pleasure in bringing smiles to their faces. Beth's commitment to her work is exemplary, as she seldom takes days and always has a positive attitude. Observing her beaming countenance each day is a source of joy for me.
~Nominated by Jennifer Hankins - Receptionist ~

High School

Melisa Everett
Assistant Principal

I'm a WaveMaker because...

Mrs. Everett is quite literally the glue holding us all together. She is one of the most hardworking members of our staff at Gulf Shores High School! She is always on the move and is visible to the students, staff, and public all the time. Her support is unwavering and continues to after-school hours. Mrs. Everett is reliable and open. She always lends an ear. She's there to problem-solve issues or to share a good laugh. Her humor and personality are always welcome in our hallways. Mrs. Everett is very deserving of the WaveMaker of the Month award. Her dedication to our school and system is impressive and inspiring!
~Nominated by Amanda Talantis - Hospitality and Tourism Teacher~