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What is a WaveMaker?  Someone that incites action or activity. 

Elementary School



GSES Custodial Team

(Front row L-R) Brittany Swartz, Erica Elrod, LaJyana Luckett, Jammie Porter, James Stacey

(Back Row) Calvin Vaofefe

Why We Are WaveMakers?

Our Elementary School Custodial Team is an outstanding group of individuals. Their goal is to have the cleanest school in the school system – one where students can learn, and teachers can work in a clean, safe, and pleasant environment. They did an amazing job getting the campus ready for school this year. In less than 8 weeks, they deep cleaned 53 classrooms, 4 workrooms, 5 offices, a library, a gym, and the cafeteria. In addition, they stripped and waxed classroom and hallway floors. What’s more, they helped 23 teachers move their classrooms. If that isn’t impressive enough, consider this - They accomplished all of this while working around Summer Literacy camp and ASC Summer Camp. All the hard work paid off. The school campus has never looked this good. Way to go, Custodial team!

Nominated by: Gulf Shores Elementary School


Middle School


Anthony Schaff
Grade 7 Science

Why I'm a WaveMaker?

Mr. Schaff is the number one encourager at our school. Not a day goes by that he is not smiling and praising others for their hard work. Mr.Schaff does not let a good deed go unnoticed. He is notorious for his "Thank You" cards to let you know you are seen and appreciated. He keeps the spirits of students, faculty, and staff high through constant support! His dedication to his job and providing others with the knowledge of our environment will continue make an impact on our community by creating environmentally aware citizens. Mr. Schaff practices what he preaches by wheeling in on his bike, with a smile on his face EVERYDAY! His passion for education encourages me and numerous others to remember the importance of education: the students!

Nominated by - Brooke Gilbert

Mr. Schaff brings great energy to his classroom and he consistently uses creative and engaging lessons for his students. You can tell his students are not only happy to be there, but also constantly learning.

Nominated by - Jackson Adams




High School


Amanda Talantis

Hospitality & Tourism
Career Tech
 World Language

Why I'm a WaveMaker?

Mrs. Talantis teaches Hospitality and Tourism and works with me in the greenhouse as a fellow teacher in the Sustainability Academy at GSHS. She continuously goes above and beyond with her students and mine in Agriscience and Environmental Management by running the hydroponics program that gives hands-on learning with growing food that is served in our cafeteria. Her energy, knowledge and enthusiasm has truly inspired me as a Horticulture teacher! She serves as a role model who honestly gives her blood, sweat, and tears to her students and fellow faculty members at Gulf Shores High School. It is an honor and a blessing to be able to work and learn with her! I wholeheartedly nominate Amanda Talantis as a Gulf Shores City Schools Wave Maker!!

Nominated by: Wil Tuggle