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What is a WaveMaker?  Someone that incites action or activity. 

Elementary School


Ryleigh Gibson

Grade - 1st Grade

Area of Recognition - Leadership/Friendship

I'm a WaveMaker because...
Ryleigh has displayed not only leadership in our classroom but just a true friendship to all. In our classroom we have leadership roles. Students perform these roles daily. Ryleigh not only has a leadership role, he stands out individually as well. Ryleigh is constantly considerate and giving compliments. He reaches out to those in need. He is never told who to embrace, but he seeks all out to show they are loved. Not only am I fortunate to have him in my class, but his classmates are as well.
~Nominated by Tiffanie Deese~


Middle School


Mercedez Sabogal

Grade - 6th Grade

Area of Recognition - Environmental stewardship

I'm a WaveMaker because...
Engaging in a commendable act of environmental stewardship, Mercedez consistently takes the initiative to pick up trash from the playground. Her commitment to maintaining a clean and pristine environment reflects a profound sense of responsibility and care for our shared spaces. By actively participating in the cleanliness of the playground, Mercedez embodies the principles of sustainability and demonstrates a genuine concern for the well-being of our community. Her actions not only contribute to a more aesthetically pleasing environment but also serve as an inspiring example for peers and future generations. Through her consistent efforts, Mercedez is making a tangible and positive impact on the local ecosystem, showcasing the power of individual actions in fostering a cleaner and healthier world.
~Nominated by Kassidy Tavel~


High School


Kolin Wilson

Grade - 11th Grade

Area of Recognition - Academics

I'm a WaveMaker because...
I have been a teacher at Gulf Shores for almost 21 years, and during this time I have taught several dedicated athletes who were also dedicated to being excellent students. Although I have taught countless student athletes, Kolin has far exceeded any student that I have had the pleasure of teaching. Student-athletes tend to miss class time during their seasons due to their sport. Most students leave as soon as they are permitted and do not care if they miss the remaining lecture time, but not Kolin! If I am still lecturing or reviewing material for the lesson, and it is time to leave, he stays and waits until I have completed the lesson. He has even told his teammates when they tell him it is time to go that he isn’t leaving because Mrs. Jones isn’t finished with the lesson. It is hard to be an exceptional athlete as well as a student who takes AP classes, and Kolin has impressed me on both fronts. He is a leader on and off the field, and I have been thoroughly impressed by his work ethics and attitude towards his education and his extracurriculars. He is the definition of a WaveMaker, and I am proud to have been able to teach a student like him.
~Nominated by Wendy Jones~


Virtual Academy

Coming in December...

Grade - 

Area of Recognition - 

I'm a WaveMaker because...