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What is a WaveMaker?  Someone that incites action or activity. 

Elementary School



Stella Jones

Grade Level: 3rd Grade

Area of Recognition: Service to others

Why I'm a WaveMaker: 
Stella is a wonderful example of a mentor. She loves to help others and looks for any opportunity to do so. On Meet the Teacher Day back in August she came right to me and the first thing she asked was if she could help one of her classmates with Autism. From that point on she has been his constant friend and tutor. She takes time out of her own classwork to explain things to him and quietly encourages him to complete tasks. She never loses her patience with him and loves being with him at lunch and at recess. She organizes his desk and is always there in a calming way when he gets upset. She is so selfless and kind hearted. She is such a blessing to me and all of her classmates.
~Jennifer Payne - Third Grade Teacher~

Middle School


Lucy Cortes

Grade Level: 8th Grade

Area of Recognition: Respect and Friendliness

Why I'm a WaveMaker: 
Lucy Cortes is a strong student athlete. I've taught her for three years and she does what she is supposed to without flash or fanfare. She has been in class with big personalities where the learning atmosphere can be commandeered by students who are not interested in learning. Some students encourage this behavior in others by laughing or participating. Not Lucy, she maintains her focus and tries to maintain an environment conducive to learning. This shows the ultimate respect for classmates as they are present to learn. Her behavior quietly redirects others to what is in their best interest. It is also respectful to whomever is leading the class.
~Shery Butler - Social Studies Teacher~

High School


Mattox Johnson

Grade Level: 12th Grade

Area of Recognition: Student athlete

Why I'm a WaveMaker: 
Mattox has been a part of the baseball team for the past 6 years and has consistently been a leader on and off the field for the Dolphins. Mattox is a lead by example person who has strong faith and confidence in himself. Mattox is as fine as a student athlete as I have been around in my 11 years of coaching high school sports. MJ is truly the "cream of crop" type student in our hallways here at GSHS.
~ Chris Jacks - Head Baseball Coach~