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What is a WaveMaker?  Someone that incites action or activity. 

Elementary School


Izaiah Walton

Grade - 1st Grade

Area of Recognition - Physical Education

I'm a WaveMaker because...
Izaiah’s kind disposition inspires me. He displays good manners and good sportsmanship interacting with students and teachers during physical education class. He has the willingness to help others. Several times, I need assistance with putting equipment up at the end of the day. Izaiah is always the first to volunteer to help. He does not ask for praise or anything in return. He is just happy to help! Izaiah is a WaveMaker!!!
~Nominated by Sara Shaw - Physical Education Teacher~


Middle School


Fiona Douglas

Grade - 8th Grade

Area of Recognition - Academic Success and Excellent Role Model

I'm a WaveMaker because...
Fiona is an exceptional student who embodies the qualities of a WaveMaker! She is a straight-A student who is dedicated to her academic success, and she works hard to support her classmates in their academic achievements as well. She has a positive attitude towards her school, community, and peers and is always willing to lend a helping hand when needed. Fiona is an excellent role model for her peers and has gained the respect of both her teachers and classmates. In addition to her academic achievements, Fiona's creativity shines through her involvement in the school and community fine arts programs. She is an active member of the middle school band and theater programs and was part of the recent Shrek theater performance, where she did an incredible job. Fiona's talent, hard work, and dedication to her craft are evident in all her performances. Overall, Fiona is a remarkable student who is a pleasure to have on campus. She is respectful, kind, and caring towards others, and always demonstrates a willingness to learn and grow.

~Nominated by Brittney Reeves - Assistant Principal~
~Nominated by Laura Mixon - Choir Teacher~


High School


Tristyn Baggett

Grade - 11th grade

Area of Recognition -   Leadership

I'm a WaveMaker because...
I would like to nominate Tristyn Baggett for WaveMaker! Tristyn has been a student trainer for me for two years and always leads by example on the field and in the classroom. Tristyn was faced with the ultimate challenge as a student trainer by having to assist with a medical emergency at football practice. She handled it like a professional! She was calm, cool and collected which helped to keep the patient calm. She was able to assist in this situation successfully due to her being diligent and proficient in her Sports Medicine skills checkoffs. She practiced and prepared just as a student should and it paid off for her athlete and classmate. I am so proud of you, Tristyn!!
~Nominated by Alicia Tolbert - Head Athletic Trainer, Health Science Teacher~


Virtual Academy


Kaysheri Haffner

Grade - 12th Grader

Area of Recognition -   Community Services

I'm a WaveMaker because...
One of the most important core values of Gulf Shores City Schools is to foster students to be inclusive, engaging members of society.
Virtual Academy senior Kaysheri Haffner exemplifies what it means to be an inclusive and engaging member of society. She is a brilliant student and caring community service leader.
In the 6th grade Kaysheri discovered that a fellow student had recently been diagnosed with cancer. She learned that his family was struggling to take care of his medical bills and she was drawn to come up with a way to help him and his family.
This is when Helping Hands of Gulf Shores was born. Kaysheri founded Helping Hands as a kids helping kids charitable organization. The organization was created as a means for local kids to help other local kids in need. Through community outreach efforts such as speaking at local clubs and holding silent auctions each year Kaysheri has led this Gulf Shores student-based organization to raise over $55,000 in the past 6 years. This year alone Helping Hands of Gulf Shores raised $14,486 dollars for a local 9-year-old cancer patient.
Kaysheri has not only singlehandedly lead a successful nonprofit charity but has done so while taking ten of the Advanced Placement classes offered to GSHS students as well as numerous dual enrollment college classes. She will graduate this year with honors and is currently ranked #1 in her class. Kaysheri is a model student and leader. She is a true “Wave Maker” for the Gulf Shores City School System.
~Nominated by Dr. Susan Nelson - Virtual Academy Instructor~


Virtual Academy


Noah Kendall

Grade - 12th Grader

Area of Recognition -   Academic Achievement

I'm a WaveMaker because...
Noah exemplifies what it means to be a GSCS WaveMaker. A WaveMaker is someone who stands out in a crowd and accomplishes something that has not been accomplished before. Last week Noah graduated with his Associate’s Degree from Coastal Alabama Community College, a week before he is set to graduate with his high school diploma from Gulf Shores High School. This is an accomplishment that could not have happened without dedication and hard work. Noah began taking dual enrollment classes while enrolled in the Virtual Academy during his sophomore year of high school. He was able to take both his core classes and electives at the college level earning enough college credits to finish his first 2 years of college while enrolled in blended learning with the Virtual Academy. Noah has paved the way for future Virtual Academy students, and he is a perfect example of one of the main core values of Gulf Shores City Schools in providing an individualized and flexible learning experience for all students.
~Nominated by Dr. Susan Nelson - Virtual Academy Instructor~