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What is a WaveMaker?  Someone that incites action or activity. 

Elementary School


Eliza Bodenhamer

Grade - 3rd

Area of Recognition - Leadership and Kindness

Why I'm a WaveMaker -
Eliza is the first person to jump up and help anyone in our classroom that needs it. She is so patient with other students when they are struggling with assignments. She sits and works with them, teaching, not just telling them the answer. She helped a new student the first week of school who was worried about a math sheet and has helped him each time he needs it since. She loves to clean up around the school and help any adult who needs help, whether it is in the lunchroom or the library. Eliza is the true definition of a leader!

~ Olivia James - Third Grade Teacher 


Middle School


Olivia Bratton

Grade - 7th

Area of Recognition - Helping others and being a good friend

Why I'm a WaveMaker
Olivia Bratton is a humble WaveMaker whose splash is more like the dependable presence of a tide. Her kindnesses are so subtle that many of them may go unnoticed, but she is always at work helping others and showing genuine care for those in need. Olivia is a model WaveMaker because she lifts others up as quietly as the tide ebbs and flows.

~ Anthony Schaff - 7th Grade Science ~


High School


Haley Bedinger

Grade - 11th

Area of Recognition - Sports Medicine

Why I'm a WaveMaker  -
Haley goes above and beyond in my Sports Medicine class and on the sidelines and at practice. She showed up every single day this summer to work even when she was not required to. She takes her role seriously and has gained confidence as a leader amongst her peers. She is a bright light and such a kind soul. I would love to see her hard work and positive attitude recognized.

~ Alisha Tolbert - Head Athletic Trainer, Health Science Teacher ~