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What is a WaveMaker?  Someone that incites action or activity. 

Elementary School


Boone Anderson

Grade - 4th Grade

Area of Recognition  Citizenship/Academics/Leadership

I'm a WaveMaker because...
Boone Anderson is a hero! He is 10 years old and saved a toddler from drowning. He courageously dove into the deep end of a pool to rescue the child on his own. Two other girls were with him and got an adult to help. Boone is also an A-B student who shows up every day prepared and ready to put in 100% effort. He has earned several positive office referrals as well. He is a leader in my classroom and has the respect of his peers. He has the leadership role of "expectations inspector" and helps the class follow rules. He offers creative solutions and supports others in need. He is exceptional in every way!

~Nominated by Stacey Smith - 4th Grade Teacher~


Middle School


Autumn Brandon

Grade - 8th Grade

Area of Recognition
Work ethic in Social Studies

I'm a WaveMaker because...
This student regularly helps when it is not necessary. She is very respectful to adults and has a great work ethic in the classroom and out.  She is always kind and helpful to the other classmates. She is always in class with a smile and ready to help where needed

~Nominated by Kenneth Nelson - Social Studies Teachers~


High School


Isabella "Izzy" Salcedo

Grade - 11th grade

Area of Recognition - Theatre

I'm a WaveMaker because...
Izzy is constantly helping out with areas of theatre that she is not in charge of. She goes above and beyond to help her fellow castmates when it comes to acting, props, and mental well-being. She is an integral part of our program and without Izzy, our program would lose a ray of sunshine. 

~Nominated by Paiton Lami-Doyle - Theatre Teacher~