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Employee Input

The Voice of the Dolphins...
Our Employee


We are embarking on a district-wide master planning process and need your insight!  In this first phase of work, our planning and design team (GMC, DLR Group and WAV) will be engaging all employees through surveys, virtual workshops and listening tours.  The employee listening tour will take place in January. 

This session is like anthropology; the goal will be for our consultants to listen to you and understand what it’s like to teach and attend school in our buildings.  They want to hear about issues that they might not see on their own if they toured the buildings.  It could be things that work well, like the way the classrooms are set up or how common spaces are able to accommodate our needs.  It could also be things that challenge you or impediments generated by the building, furnishings, equipment, utilities or arrangement of spaces that limit the potential for you and our students.

The listening tour will be held virtually by Zoom and is an open house format. Drop in for 15 minutes to share your thoughts and listen to your colleagues or stay the whole time.  When you join the meeting, you’ll be greeted by a host and then offered to join an ongoing break out room discussion.  The benefit of the breakout session will be smaller groups to make sure your voice is heard within the time allotted. 

If for any reason you are unable to attend and have thoughts to share, please feel free to email them to

We look forward to this process and your participation!