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3.12 Fees, Payments, Rentals, and Charges

3.12.1 Facility Use Fees:
The Superintendent is authorized to develop a schedule of reasonable fees for use of Board facilities and property by individuals, groups, or organizations that shall be effective upon approval by the Board.
3.12.2 Copying and Other Charges:
The Superintendent is authorized to establish a schedule of reasonable charges which, upon approval by the Board, will be applied uniformly in response to requests for copies of documents and records. Said fees must, at minimum, cover Gulf Shores Board of Education out of pocket expenses. Nothing in this policy or in any schedule of charges authorized hereunder creates or expands any entitlement to copies of records or access thereto beyond that which is established by law or specific Board policy.
3.12.3 Food Service Charges:
Students may, upon authorization from the principal or his/her designee, and in accordance with any procedures that may be developed by the Superintendent or Child Nutrition Supervisor, charge for future payment the cost of a meal from the school cafeteria. No student will be denied a meal. Any charged meal will be assessed to the student’s meal account for later payment. These procedures may limit the number of charges, and will be available for review at the local schools. Adult charges are not allowed. Uncollected charged meals are not an allowable expenditure for the Child Nutrition Fund. Each school must also maintain documentation to reflect the status of charged meals and the transfer of non-public funds by the principal to the school Child Policy Manual (Gulf Shores City Schools) 12 Nutrition Program should charges remain uncollected by year end. The CSFO will review and approve all non-public fund transfers to cover outstanding debt.
3.12.4 Worthless Checks:
Non-sufficient fund checks or account closed checks used for meal or school payments will automatically be sent to a collection agency by the bank used by the Gulf Shores City Schools. Gulf Shores City Schools may apply fees for uncollected checks. The fees collected for return checks may be used for related expenses and recovery of uncollected checks by Gulf Shores City Schools or by a contracted agreement with a check collection agency. Public funds may not be used to cover any insufficient checks for the Child Nutrition Program.