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Expectations - Walking School Bus

Please review these rules with your children before they start the WSB.

Health & Safety:
1.   A first aid kit is always carried by a WSB staff member.

1.   Each child is required to check in at their designated attendance area upon arrival. The WSB closes attendance at 7:15. 
2.   Every child needs a visible tag with their name on their bookbag for identification purposes.
3.   Acceptable drop off methods are:
Use the car line drop off on East 24th Street    
Park & walk with your child to the site location. (Please park in public parking only rather than any private parking areas)
4.    Students should not use devices (personal or school issued) after arrival at WSB.
5.   Children need to stay within established play boundaries during free play. 
6.   When the whistle blows, students gather their belongings and line up on the sidewalk. This is the time for friends to find each other if they wish to walk together.

During the Walk:

1.   No one is to pass our lead teacher(s) at the head of the walk. An adult will be the caboose. Students must stay between the line leaders and the caboose adult at all times.
2.   Stay on the sidewalk & walk single file or 2x2. 
3.   Absolutely no running at any time.
4.   Do not pass anyone once the walk has begun. Children need to arrive on time to get in line with a friend when the whistle blows.
5.   Our goal is to have a continuous line of walkers with as few gaps as possible. When there are gaps, it often leads to students running rather than walking. Encourage your child to walk at a steady pace and try to avoid creating gaps in the line.
6.   Walking parents are to walk next to the road with students to the inside of the sidewalk.
7.   No cell phone (adults or students) use once the walk begins.
8.   There are several adults who supervise WSB, and any one of them may intervene if a child is violating one of the rules or engaging in an activity deemed unsafe. Students are to be respectful and obey safety requests from ALL the adults on the WSB.
9.   Dogs that will be walking with the WSB must be on a leash and child friendly. Be a responsible pet owner and clean up after your dog immediately. 


1.   The WSB stops at the end of 16th Avenue.
2.   Goodbyes & hugs need to occur before we reach end.
3.   No parents are allowed to cross onto the school property crosswalk with their children.

Please make sure your child understands the rules. 
Let’s roll with a safe school year!