Our goal is to provide excellent health services and preventive health information to students in Gulf Shores City Schools. Each school has a nurse on-site during school hours. Our school nurses promote and protect the health of our students through assessment, planning, coordination of services, and direct care for all of our students. They administer medications, assist students with chronic health problems, assist with school screenings, monitor for communicable diseases, provide emergency care for ill or injured students and provide health education information. The school nurse gives direct daily care for students with asthma, allergies, cancer, diabetes, seizures, and psychiatric conditions so that they can access their education.  They also train the educational staff to make accommodations to provide this instructions to these students and provide health screenings for our students to help identify medical conditions that may negatively impact learning.

Homebound Services Procedures

Homebound services may be provided to students enrolled in Gulf Shores City Schools who are medically unable to attend school. Since the services for homebound are limited in amount and duration, it should only be considered after other options have been attempted, such as abbreviated schedule, shortened school day, arrival at school at a later time, etc., unless the child is too medically fragile to attempt other options.


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Health Services