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GSCS Safety and Security

Student and employee safety is the first concern of Gulf Shores City Schools.

In the event of a crisis, natural disaster, or inclement weather situation, we want all parents and stakeholders to be assured that our top priority is the safety and security of all who are on our campuses. 
Gulf Shores City Schools annually updates our emergency response procedures. These procedures provide our faculty, staff, and administrators specific instructions to respond to various events, including severe weather, natural disasters, or other crises that might occur in and around our schools. We frequently conduct emergency response drills to practice and improve the effectiveness of our response to various situations.
School Resource Officers are employed in all Gulf Shores City Schools. The school system maintains communication at all times with law enforcement, fire and medical emergency responders, city leaders and other individuals who are always ready to respond when a school needs support. During any crisis, natural disaster, or severe weather situation, we will provide information to parents as quickly as possible after the situation is contained.