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Student Services

Student Services works to support GSCS schools and students
  • Reducing barriers to regular school attendance
  • Increasing opportunities for participation in athletics and activities
  • Providing positive and harmonious school environments, where diversity is respected and encouraged

Student Services assists students as they grow and mature throughout their high school years. Whether it is guiding them through the post-secondary process or helping them through their day-to-day educational experience, our staff is dedicated to serving the students and ensuring their future success.

Student Services support a number of programs in our schools designed to help students and their families. The department represents a broad spectrum of supports and services within the school district's field of operation consisting of:

  1. Educational records maintenance policies
  2. Gifted services screening, evaluation, and programmatic oversight
  3. Guidance services and K-12 programming
  4. Homebound services
  5. Homeschool services & compliance
  6. Education for Children and Youth Experiencing Homelessness (ECYEH) & reporting
  7. Nursing & health related services
  8. School Counseling services and referrals / Crisis Intervention
  9. Special Education services including, but not limited to, K-12 programmatic design and state & federal compliance.

Student Services works collaboratively with schools, families, students, and community partners to support behavioral and academic success for every child while promoting a safe learning environment.

School Counseling

Gulf Shores City Schools comprehensive school counseling program is dedicated to preparing every student socially, academically, and emotionally for present and future challenges and success. The counseling program provides leadership and equitable access in a proactive system designed to anticipate and facilitate student development, to include academic, career, and social/emotional development. The program seeks to provide all students with opportunities to gain an understanding of self and others, to participate in educational and occupational exploration, and to pursue career planning opportunities in an environment that is safe, caring, and encouraging.  Counselors are advocates and work in collaborative partnerships with students, educators, parents, and community members to educate and empower students to maximize their unique potential. Students are encouraged to meet with their school counselor, either in a small group or individually. Every elementary, middle and high school has a guidance office with staff available to answer your questions and provide assistance with a student's academic development.

We believe that every student has the right to:

The Gulf Shores City Schools’ school counseling program is an essential integrated component of the total instructional program through which students have maximum opportunity for academic, career, and personal/social development.

The school counseling program involves a planned, purposeful, and sequential program of activities that begins in kindergarten and continues through the twelfth grade.

  • experience respect and dignity as a human being and to benefit from school counseling program services;
  • participate in activities that promote self-direction and self-development;
  • make choices and accept responsibility for choices made; and
  • participate in a comprehensive school counseling program designed to assist all students in attaining their maximum potential in academic, career, and personal/social development.

Gulf Shores City Schools coordinates prevention and intervention programs to support schools, students, and parents by addressing the cognitive, behavioral, social, and emotional needs of all students to maximize student achievement. GSCS provides a variety of supports, in collaboration with other agencies, to help students' well-being.

Prevention and Community Resources