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To raise the bar and expect more is hard work, particularly for students and teachers. Academics are at the core of Gulf Shores City Schools, with a goal of having each student achieve his or her full academic potential by the time they graduate. New standards mean new ways of teaching and learning, and ultimately harder tests. We are committed to providing engaging and rigorous educational opportunities for all of our students through our academic programs. In our schools, at all ages and all levels of ability, GSCS students have the chance to explore academics, athletics, the arts, and more. This is where they begin to open the door to possibilities.

To help our families achieve a greater understanding of what these new standards mean. Gulf Shores City Schools provides fact sheets, frequently answered questions, and links to information about Alabama's College and Career Ready Standards. 


Gulf Shores Elementary School

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Our elementary school instructional program is guided by the belief that good schools nurture a child's intellectual, social, emotional and physical growth.  In our classroom practice, we engage children in learning experiences that are relevant, purposeful, and challenging. We strive to have children master content knowledge and skills in a learning environment that respects children's developmental needs, interests, learning styles and differences.  Recognizing that learning is constantly evolving, we scaffold instruction and assist students in making connections with prior learning.  With a strong foundation of learning in place, students are challenged to form new understandings and to create new meaning.

Gulf Shores Middle School

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At Gulf Shores Middle School, we foster academic success through carefully orchestrated programs that reflect the social, emotional, and intellectual needs of young adolescents.   We recognize that 10 to 14 year olds are developmentally poised for significant intellectual growth and are cognitively ready for high-level academic challenges.  We also recognize, however,  that this can be best achieved  in a safe and inviting environment that supports the significant changes in the physical development and social behavior, as well as rapid development in the emotional intelligence of our students. Flexible and varied instruction, individualized learning, and collaborative, cross-disciplinary approaches are utilized in a facility designed for this age group.  Our teachers and students share ownership of learning in the classroom, after-school activities and through  annual outdoor educational experiences.

Year-Round Electives:

  • Yearbook - Students apply and are selected in the Spring prior to the school year.
  • Newspaper - Students apply and are selected in the Spring prior to the school year.
  • Library Aides (8th Grade) - Students apply and are selected in the Spring prior to the school year.
  • Office Aides (8th Grade) - Students apply and are selected in the Spring prior to the school year.
  • Band 
  • Advanced Art - Second year art students are selected in the Spring prior to the school year.

Additional Information:
Gulf Shores Middle School does not accept parent requests for specific teachers or requests for periods when students take courses. Students are randomly assigned teachers and course periods by the PowerSchool program. Every effort is made to balance student rosters by teachers. Schedule changes are at the Principal’s discretion for situations that warrant it. P.E. is required both semesters, and students are required to dress out. There is a fee for P.E. uniforms. 

Gulf Shores High School

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As a four-year-high school with academically diverse students, Gulf Shores High School provides a challenging range of courses and a rigorous college preparatory program.  We are a community committed to fostering a safe and nurturing environment in which all students can achieve their greatest potential in every endeavor. We are dedicated to developing confident, well-rounded, life-long learners ready to become productive individual contributors and the leaders of tomorrow. GSHS provides courses and a rigorous college preparatory program for its academically diverse students. In a supportive environment that promotes respect and responsibility, students also develop through a rich performing and creative arts program and a wide variety of extracurricular and athletic activities. 

Gulf Shores High School is dedicated to the promotion and achievement of academic excellence.


  • Strive to create a secure and supportive environment which promotes the intellectual, emotional, and physical well-being of all members of the school community
  • Celebrate diversity and encourage tolerance and respect for individual and cultural differences, …uphold the tenets of a democratic society
  • Provide our students with experiences that enable them to make ethical choices and function in our ever-changing and technological world
  • Foster the development of critical thinking, problem solving, creativity and love of learning
  • Encourage the recognition of learning as a life-long process.

Gulf Shores High School will continue to cultivate these ideals and invites all members of the school community to share in this endeavor.

Gulf Shores Virtual Academy


Gulf Shores Virtual Academy Program is designed to provide motivated, independent learners an opportunity to earn their Alabama High School Diploma through a flexible, personalized learning experience.

Virtual education offers students numerous benefits in terms of time, flexibility, and program customization. Along with these advantages, students also assume increased responsibility in time management, organization, self-direction, and self-regulation.

  • Instruction from Alabama-certified teachers
  • Accredited diploma upon satisfying all requirements for graduation, and the opportunity to participate in Gulf Shores High School graduation ceremony
  • Flexible and personalized learning experiences
  • Individualized academic and career preparation plan
  • Self-pacing and opportunity for acceleration
  • Opportunity for early graduation
  • Flexibility with daily schedule
  • Opportunity to blend virtual learning with face-to-face core and elective courses and tuition free dual enrollment classes
  • Opportunity to take classes for advancement during the summer
  • Opportunity to participate in sports, clubs, field trips, assemblies, and pep rallies
  • Access to support services provided by school nurses, counselors, and the school lunch program

NBC Teachers

Gulf Shores City Schools are proud of their teachers and how they continue learning as they teach! Click here to view the  Present and Future National Board Teachers.

We Encourage Our Students To:

  • Dream big
  • Learn with intent
  • Realize their own potential
  • Enhance the lives of others
  • Be inclusive, inventive and curious

We Do That Through:

  • Continually transforming the way we teach and learn
  • Exploring new ideas and approaches to learning
  • Being rigorous with assessment and learning outcomes
  • Being inventive in the way we teach
  • Offering individualized learning paths
  • Integrating technology in all that we do
  • Fostering and celebrating diversity