Frequently Asked Questions

1. I don’t live in the Gulf Shores City Schools’ enrollment district? Can I attend Gulf Shores Virtual Academy?

Students who do not live in the Gulf Shores City Schools' enrollment district but wish to attend Gulf Shores Virtual Academy are encouraged to complete a Non-Resident Application. We are currently accepting Non-Resident Applications for students in grades 6-12 who wish to attend Gulf Shores Virtual Academy for the 2019-2020 academic year. There is no tuition required for non-resident students who are enrolled in Gulf Shores Virtual Academy. If a non-resident virtual academy student enrolls as a full-time student in one of our traditional schools, non-resident tuition will be charged on a prorated basis. In addition to completing the Non-Resident Application, students need to apply for admission to Gulf Shores Virtual Academy.

2. Is there someone that I can meet with to learn more about Gulf Shores Virtual Academy?

Please contact Dr. Stephanie Harrison at or 251-968-9872 or Dr. Susan Nelson at

3. What are some of the characteristics of successful virtual learners?

Students who are successful in a virtual learning environment are typically motivated, independent learners who practice good time-management skills. Most of the online courses are text based, so on grade level reading and math skills are needed.

4. Can students work ahead in their courses?