The Gulf Shores Board of Education has an approved policy for admitting students who are not Gulf Shores residents. The policy requires a tuition payment of $1,500 for the first child ($1,000 for each additional child), as well as academic, behavior, and attendance eligibility requirements. Additionally, admission is based on space (capacity). For more information, please visit the Policies Section under the Board Of Education tab.Tuition must be paid in full prior to August 2, 2019. Full-time employees of the Gulf Shores City School System with non-resident students are subject to the Non-Resident Policy, but are eligible for a tuition waiver. Also, any student who is a sibling of a current 9-11 grader and wishes to attend a Gulf Shores City School is subject to the Non-Resident Policy.  The first round of the non-resident student application process opens April 1 and closes April 30. Completion of an application does not guarantee acceptance. Notice regarding admission status will be mailed/emailed to the student’s home address. If capacity is available, there could be additional rounds of applications accepted. First round applications will receive priority.

Click here for information on Non-Resident Procedures

Please complete the following steps in order to submit your Non-Resident Application

An application will need to be completed for each child if you have more than one that will be in the Gulf Shores City School System.

Step 1 - Go to your child's school and get a copy of:

(1) Current School Transcript
(2) Current School Discipline Report

Step 2 - Click on eSchool Pay for $100 Deposit (Select Gulf Shores Middle School to make your payment for the district) 

Step 3 - Upload the following documents to your computer and attach where requested on the Non-Resident Application Form (THIS IS REQUIRED): 

(1) Proof of Residency (Current and valid lease, deed, settlement statement, mortgage statement or current property tax notice, a current utility bill in your name (cell phone bill not accepted), current correspondence from government agency such as current social security statement, SNAP, Federal Income Tax Return with address, Medicare/Medicaid, etc. or current pay stub with address.)
(2) Current School Transcript
(3) Current School Discipline Report
(4) eSchool Pay Deposit Receipt

Step 4 - Complete  Non-Resident Application Form (ONLINE FORM)
              Non-Resident Application Form (PDF available if needed)

Application and deposit must be submitted before student will be considered for acceptance.