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Chaperone Guidelines

The following statements are rules regarding chaperones on field trips. Please abide by the policies of Gulf Shores City Schools. Our emphasis is on the safety and well-being of each student. Anyone who does not follow these rules may not be allowed to go on future trips with their children.

1.    Chaperones are expected to be with the students at all times including transportation by bus or other means, unless there are conditions known and approved by the principal prior to the trip.

a.    Chaperones are to adhere to Gulf Shores City Schools policies for drug free, smoke free, and weapon free campuses. A field trip is an extension of the school campus.

b.    Chaperones, other than parents or guardians, must be 21 years of age.

2.    Field trips are designed and planned for school age children in a particular class or group. Adults (other than the chaperones) or children outside that class or group may not be transported or participate without written permission of the superintendent.

3.    Cell Phones & Electronic Devices: Chaperones are expected to provide attention to students in the class or group without distractions or personal responsibilities that could result in a child being harmed or lost. Please use cell phones only for an emergency. It distracts everyone from the purpose of the trip.

4.    Discipline: If a student is misbehaving and you have asked them to stop, please inform the classroom teacher. Please do not take disciplinary actions on your own.

5.    Chaperone Attire: Chaperones should be appropriately dressed in casual and comfortable attire for the trip. Inappropriate attire would include bikini tops, short shorts, or any other revealing attire.

6.    Chaperone Language: Chaperones are expected to refrain from inappropriate language, topics, or discussion of other students.


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