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Gulf Shores Gives Back


What is it?

Get ready for a wave of service! Gulf Shores City Schools is excited to announce the launch of "Gulf Shores Gives Back," a brand new community-wide service day on March 14, 2024. This inaugural, annual event is all about uniting our students, teachers, and community members in a collective effort to strengthen the heart of our beautiful city. Gulf Shores Gives Back is an initiative of the Gulf Shores City Schools' Mental Health Advisory Committee. It is a school-wide community service day in which the entire school system works together to strengthen our community through volunteer projects. We partner with the City of Gulf Shores and service organizations to fulfill the identified needs of local citizens and entities such as Gulf State Park and the Center for Ecotourism. Examples of service projects include planting sea oats on the beach, providing cards and flowers to nursing home residents, cleaning up local parks, and providing meals to those in need. In an effort to fulfill our core values, Gulf Shores City Schools believes it is important for students to develop a service mindset and to practice giving back to our community on a regular basis. We invite the entire City of Gulf Shores to join us for Gulf Shores Gives Back 2024.

When is it? Where is it?

March 14, 2024 (Gulf Shores Gives Back Day)

March 15, 2024 (Rain Date if needed)

The day will begin with a kick-off pep rally at the middle school field at 8:30am. All parent and community volunteers are invited to attend. After the pep rally, volunteers will spread out across the city to complete service projects.

Committee Members

Central Office

Dr. Matt Akin                              
Dr. Stephanie Harrison               
Joe McAleer 
Jan Garfinkle
Marcelinia Parrish 

Board of Education

Dale Jernigan 
Kelly Walker

City of Gulf Shores

Amy Denk 
Noah Hand
Lindsey Hart 

Elementary School

Jennifer Brutus 
Amanda Dalton
Dr. Alicia Early 
Lisa Elmore 
Sara Parker 

Middle School

Wendy Holmes
 Dr. TIm Webb

High School

Chesley Bowling
 Kelli Adkins
Jessica Sampley
Cindy Veazey 

Virtual Academy

Sara Altmyer 

Gulf State Park

Kelly Reetz
Hannah Russell

Center For Ecotourism

Travis Langen


Amelia Fletcher 
Larry Wood 

What types of service projects will be completed?

Painting/Murals, Planting , Washing/Detailing Vehicles, Weeding, Cleaning, Construction, Sifting Sand, Mulching, Creating Cards, Creating Posters/Murals, Creating Snack Baskets, Beach Cleaning/Planting, Sorting Recyclable Items, Can Drives, Book Drives, Growing Seedlings, Collecting Water Samples, Partnering with Meals On Wheels, Creating Pollinator Beds, Cleaning Gutters, Distributing Pine Straw, Designing and Hand-out Information/Brochures, Plant Sea Oats, Write and Publish Children's Books, Using Recycled Glass Mosaic Tiles to Create Artwork, Create Thank You Cards, Participating in State Park Trails Litter Rodeo, Landscaping, Pressure Washing, Creating Get Well Cards, Window Washing for Businesses, Baking, Preparing Meals

How can I get involved?

This exciting event, spearheaded by the Gulf Shores City Schools' Mental Health Advisory Committee, will see students from pre-K to 12th grade join forces. Together, they'll tackle a variety of meaningful projects across the city, ranging from beach cleanups and park revitalization to delivering meals to those in need and spreading cheer at local nursing homes. Students and teachers have signed up for service projects across our city. If you are a student and have additional service project ideas, please see you counselor.

But this isn't just about students! Gulf Shores City Schools is inviting the entire community to join the "Gulf Shores Gives Back" spirit. We invite you or your organization to designate March 14, 2024 (Rain Date: March 15, 2024) as a service day. 

Here's how you can be a part of the wave: 

Partner with the Christian Service Center: Contact Janice Moss at the Christian Service Center at 251- 968-5256 to find out how you can support the needs of this community-wide service organization.

Click here to partner with ministries to assist local residents who have requested support and/ or a need.

Volunteer Sign Up Form Volunteer Liability Release Form

Spread the word:  Share the excitement with your friends, family, and neighbors. Don’t forget to consider needs in your neighborhood, within your family, and within organizations of which you are a member and ask them how you can help.

Household Support Needs Survey

Thank you for being such an involved and valuable member of our community. Together, we can make a difference and make a lasting impact on our community! Gulf Shores Gives Back is more than just a day of service; it's about fostering a culture of giving back, building connections, and celebrating the spirit of our beautiful city. So join us, and let's make a splash for Gulf Shores!

For more information and to get involved, visit Gulf Shores Gives Back.

Who can I contact if I have questions about Gulf Shores Gives Back?

Dr. Stephanie Harrison, Assistant Superintendent

Gulf Shores Give Back T-Shirt

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