GSHS Teacher of the Year



Teacher of the Year

Krista Marcum

In my 14 years of teaching, I have never been prouder than I am being a member of this Dolphin family.

This district has provided me many opportunities to build partnerships and make connections for the betterment of our students. These partnerships within our community have provided my students with the chance to raise oysters, monitor water quality, work with Gulf State Park to restore sand dunes, explore the state park, and learn from David Walter about his entrepreneurship and development of artificial reefs. Next week my students even get to go to a hatchery and learn how fisheries work.

I also collaborate with The University of Southern Mississippi who hosts a Stewardship Summit where my students have competed with students across several states and placed in the top three over the past two years. I pride myself on providing our students with real-world, hands-on experiences as we prepare them to enter the workforce as adults.

The partnership I created with Little Lagoon Preservation Society has even inspired one of their members to donate $25,000 in scholarships to GSHS students over a five-year period!

I am the Chair of the GSCS National Board Leadership Team helping 40 teachers on their National Board journey. My work as the current Vice President of the Alabama National Board Certified Teacher Network has helped prepare me to better assist our GSCS teachers. I have helped plan several state-wide conferences, train mentors across the state, and score applications for the Alabama NBCT scholarship. I serve on the Science by the Shore Team across all three Gulf Shores schools, currently oversee a Career Technical Education project for one of our high school seniors investigating the biodiversity of oyster gardening cages, and recently certified with ACT Basics. I will be taking the ACT science course next month.

I am excited to help make waves in our community and see our school district flourish!