GSMS Procedures for Resolving Concerns

Throughout the school year, it's normal for questions to arise. In order to efficiently and accurately address your concerns, please channel questions and concerns as follows, in the order indicated:

General Student Concerns


In most cases, a parent or guardian should speak with the individual who works most closely with their child, usually the child’s teacher.

Teachers' contact information may also be found using our School Directory.

(For questions regarding Exceptional Education services, see Exceptional Education Concerns).

School Counselor

Questions regarding counseling, class placement, college admissions, etc. should be addressed to the high school counselor.

Assistant Principal

If an issue is not resolved after speaking with the teacher, please contact Assistant Principal. The Assistant Principal is also responsible for discipline and issues related to the Code of Conduct. 


If an issue is not resolved after speaking with the teacher, Principal should be contacted. Personnel issues should also be addressed to principal.

Student Behavior Concerns

General Discipline

Concerns and questions regarding student behavior, including playground and recess issues, should be directed to the assistant principal.

Sexual Harassment of Students

Issues related to sexual harassment of students should be addressed to the Counselor and Assistant Principal.

Child Nutrition Concerns

Concerns and questions regarding food service quality or My School Bucks accounts, should be directed to CNP Director, Tanya Hill.

Curriculum and Instruction Concerns

Concerns and questions regarding Curriculum and Instruction Concerns, should be directed to Assistant Superintendent, Stephanie Harrison.



Exceptional Education Concerns

Concerns and questions regarding Exceptional Education Concerns, should be directed to Exceptional Education Director, Connie McNab.

PTO Concerns

Concerns and questions, please contact the school’s PTO President.

Athletic Concerns

For concerns related to Junior Varsity or Varsity Athletics, parents should first contact their child's coach. Contact information for coaches is available in the School Directory.

If a concern remains unresolved, parents should next contact the Athletic Director.

If the matter is still unresolved, parents should contact the school Principal.