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MakeWaves With Gulf Shores City Schools

The Gulf Shores City Schools serve approximately 2,500 students in one elementary school, one middle school and one high school. It is located on Alabama's Gulf Coast in the southern-most tip of Baldwin County. With an academically diverse student body, the District sets high expectations and provides opportunities for all students and faculty to reach their full potential. Residents share a commitment to education as well as the arts, sports, and civic responsibility.

Our Values

The Gulf Shores City Schools community, comprising The Board of Education, administrators, teachers, school staff, parents, students and community members, has high expectations and standards for all students. The GSCS community challenges and inspires its students to become creative and critical thinkers who make ethical choices, to work both independently and collaboratively to solve problems, to become life-long learners and responsible citizens in a democratic society, and to be prepared for the demands of a highly technological and global community. We are dedicated to continuous improvement and are committed to maintaining the flexibility necessary to anticipate and respond to a changing world.

We believe in:
1. Promoting rigorous, comprehensive, and relevant curriculum that prepares students to become productive citizens and lifelong learners.
2. Developing self-reliance by incorporating the student’s physical, mental, emotional and social well-being into the teaching/learning environment.
3. Fostering inclusive, engaging members of society, and encouraging critical and creative thinking.
4. Recruiting and emboldening the best and the brightest faculty and staff and rewarding innovation and collaboration.
5. Instilling a sense of pride in our schools by engaging the Gulf Shores community in the educational experience.

Our Schools

The Gulf Shores City Schools set high expectations for students to reach their full potential. Our programs incorporate traditional and innovative instructional strategies based on the latest research, best practices and our Strategic Plan. This plan calls for incorporating 21st century learning skills into our academic and co-curricular programs, providing coordinated networks of support for our PreK-12 learners, fostering the social-emotional development of students, and building a professional culture of learning for faculty and staff.

District Enrollment:
Gulf Shores Elementary School - 981
Gulf Shores Middle School - 515
Gulf Shores High School - 764

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