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Creating A Parent Observer Account

Parents have the ability to view their students’ course content (assignment due dates, assignments, course modules, etc.) by creating a Canvas “Observer” account that is linked to their student(s) account. It is possible and recommended to follow all of your students under a single Observer sign-in. 

Note: If you already have a Parent Observer account from a previous school year, you do not need to create a new account. Your account from last year will still work and is still linked to your child(ren). If you need to add a child to your existing account, the directions are linked next in this module. 

To get started you must first have the following:

Click HERE for the Step by Step Pairing Code Guide

  • To create an account and link to your student, your student must first log in to Canvas on a computer (not a mobile device) and generate a pairing code to share with the parent who is creating an Observer account (or who will be adding the student to an existing Observer account.) 

  • The student must be enrolled in courses before you can sign up to observe the student. (Wait until after the first day of school.)

The next page will walk you through instructions on how students can generate a pairing code and how parents can create a Canvas Observer account. You can download the file if needed by clicking the hyperlinked file at the top of the next page. 

NOTE: The Observer account will only link to the student who is attached to the pairing code you used during account registration. Be sure to scroll to the very end of the instructions (on the next page) for directions on how to link to another student to your account.