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Observers Can...

In Canvas, parents function as observers. As an observer, you will have limited permissions that allow you to see what is going on in a course without interrupting or participating in the course.  

See the Calendar



Links to an external site.

Links to an external site.

Observers can see all Events and Assignments due on the Calendar, filter the calendar view by the different courses the student is enrolled in, and view undated events and assignmentsNOTE: Up to 15 calendars can be selected for viewing at one time in a web browser. 

See the Modules Page



Observers can see how a teacher has organized course content in Modules. They can also see the point values for individual assignments.  

View Course Announcements


Observers can view course announcements by clicking Announcements in the course navigation. 

Preview Documents in Course Pages


Observers can view documents in an inline document previewer and download documents to their computer.


See the Quizzes Page (Grades 7-12)



Observers can see Quiz titlesThis navigation piece is "hidden" for 5th - 6th grade Canvas users. However, quiz titles can still be viewed in the appropriate module. 


See Canvas Grades



From the top banner, if an Observer clicks on Grades, they will see a list of the student's assignments and total grade for Canvas assignments only. Skyward (Links to an external site.) is the official grade book of record with all of the student's course grades. 


Access Conversations


Observers can click on the Inbox link to access student Conversations if the teacher or student copied them on the message. Observers can also message the instructor. 

Visit the Canvas Observer Help Guides (Links to an external site.) for further assistance.